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Roam Reusable Wet Bag - Extra Large - Desert

Roam Reusable Wet Bag - Extra Large - Desert

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One Size | 'Birth-to-Potty'
8 lbs - 35 lbs | 4 kg - 16 kg


Outer: REPREVE® recycled polyester PUL
Lining: 100% microfleece
Inserts: 100% bamboo terry
Snaps: KAM®

Oeko-Tex certified manufacturer.


  • After changing, knock any solids (poo) into a toilet and remove inserts from the nappy pocket before storing everything in a reusable wet bag or nappy pail/bucket. Do not soak.
  • Wash every 2-3 days. Run a cool rinse cycle separate from a main wash, then run a 40-60°c cotton cycle for at least 90 minutes. Non-bio washing powder is preferred.
  • Air or line dry where possible. Do not tumble dry covers or wet bags. Inserts and wipes can be tumble dried low.

A zipped wet bag available in our exclusive plain colours, made from the offcuts of the fabric from our reusable nappies! No waste here!

These reusable wet bags are made from REPREVE recycled polyester

Great laundry storage for used nappies - each bag will hold 15-20 nappiesor 2-3 days worth! Giving you a secure and hygienic storage method for your cloth nappies at home

Roam extra large wet bags are the perfect solution if you don’t have space for a nappy bucket at home — they can also be used to line nappy buckets/pails

Roam extra large wet bags are great for traveling with cloth nappies. It can be helpful to have one wet bag for clean and one for used cloth nappies

The hanging straps are reinforced, but the wet bags shouldn’t hang for long periods of time when full, as the handles are intended for carrying rather than hanging 

Size: W45 x L70cm

Please note, while our bags are waterproof in the same way as our nappies, they are not meant to hold soaking wet items, only damp!


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