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Roam Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes - Pack of 10

Roam Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes - Pack of 10

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Roam reusable baby wipes are eco-friendly and zero waste. Soft enough for baby's most delicate areas, while having enough texture to make nappy changes and clean-ups a breeze! 

Use reusable baby wipes as you would a disposable wipe to clean baby at nappy changes. Store in your nappy bucket/bag until laundry day and simply wash along with your nappies.

At home, we like to use a dedicated bowl with soap and water for nappy changes or, if you prefer, store pre-soaked wipes in a suitable container, such as tupperware. You can also use our handy small double zipped wet bag when out and about.

Why cloth?

In our experience, disposable wipes are not as effective as washable wipes. Using disposable wipes over 3 years will amount to around £250 and hundreds of years in landfill.

Most disposable baby wipes contain plastic and are rarely biodegradable – even when marketed as such. Disposable baby wipes should never be flushed down the toilet.


20 cm x 20 cm


Oeko-Tex certified unbleached bamboo terry


Roam reusable baby wipes are machine washable up to 60°c and can be washed according to our laundry routine for reusable cloth nappies:

  • After changing, knock any solids (poo) into a toilet and remove inserts from the nappy pocket before storing everything in a reusable wet bag or nappy pail/bucket. Do not soak.
  • Wash every 2-3 days. Run a cool rinse cycle for 30-60 minutes, then run a new 40-60°c cotton cycle for at least 90 minutes. Non-bio powder preferable.
  • Air or line dry where possible. Do not tumble dry covers or wet bags.


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