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Reusable Cloth Pocket Nappies - Iceland Plains - One Size

Reusable Cloth Pocket Nappies - Iceland Plains - One Size

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One Size | 'Birth-to-Potty'
8 lbs - 35 lbs | 4 kg - 16 kg


Outer: REPREVE® recycled polyester PUL
Lining: 100% microfleece
Inserts: 100% bamboo terry
Snaps: KAM®

Oeko-Tex certified manufacturer.


  • After changing, knock any solids (poo) into a toilet and remove inserts from the nappy pocket before storing everything in a reusable wet bag or nappy pail/bucket. Do not soak.
  • Wash every 2-3 days. Run a cool rinse cycle separate from a main wash, then run a 40-60°c cotton cycle for at least 90 minutes. Non-bio washing powder is preferred.
  • Air or line dry where possible. Do not tumble dry covers or wet bags. Inserts and wipes can be tumble dried low.

Roam one size cloth pocket nappies fit most babies from 8-10 lbs up to 35 lbs. Roam cloth nappies are sustainable, eco-friendly with stylish and minimal designs. Our reusable nappies will see your baby through from newborn up to potty training. All with one nappy! 

Roam reusable pocket nappies are made from REPREVE® recycled PUL. PUL is what makes a cloth nappy waterproof. Each Roam nappy is provided with a set of our custom bamboo terry cloth inserts, which simply slot inside the pocket of the nappy to keep them secure. Inserts provide absorbency to the nappy.

The front and waist poppers allow the cloth nappy to be completely custom fit and to grow with your baby, meaning a comfortable and secure fit for protection against leaks. Once the front settings are chosen, they can stay – and be washed – on that setting until baby is ready for the next setting.

The Iceland collection features optional AWJ lining in limited numbers.


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