Plastic Free July 2022

Plastic Free July 2022

Plastic Free July® is a worldwide initiative founded by the Plastic Free Foundation with the aim of raising awareness about the damage caused by single-use, or disposable, plastic waste. It offers challenges and activities to help people around the world consider their plastic use and make changes by reducing or refusing single-use plastic.

Most of us have an awareness of the issues caused by single-use plastic and are actively trying to reduce plastic within our daily lives and routines. Here are some very simple yet effective steps that we can all take:

Use a reusable water bottle 
Take reusable/cotton tote bags to the supermarket
Buy loose fruit & vegetables where possible 
Replace your liquid soap with bars or refill the bottles
Make coffee at home or work, or get a reusable cup
Keep takeaway containers to package your lunch at home
And the one thing we can't not mention — switch to reusable cloth nappies and baby wipes!

Disposable nappies are often omitted from the conversation surrounding single-use plastic but, considering at least 3 billion disposable nappies are sent to landfill each year in the UK alone, it's important that the issue is not overlooked. Making the change only takes one cloth nappy. If reusable nappies are daunting, start small. Try them at home when you have some downtime from all the baby classes, or try using reusable wipes at nappy changes at home. See how you get on and slowly build up the cloth nappy stash.

As always, we are here to offer cloth nappy advice or support. Just reach out via email or instagram.

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