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New to Reusable Cloth Nappies?

We created Roam with the goal of making reusable cloth nappies simple. We know that modern parenting is challenging and our lifestyles are fast-paced. Choosing to live more sustainably needn't be 'all or nothing'. Using just one reusable cloth nappy a day saves 30 disposable nappies a month. This equates to 2kg of rubbish a month. (Source:

Starting with one or two reusable nappies gives parents who are new to reusable. or cloth, nappies the opportunity to get to grips with them. Often, it just takes trying one out physically to see how straightforward reusable nappies can be. From that point, most parents or carers will build up their reusable nappy collection.

Chances are, your only experience of reusable nappies to date is from your grandmother or mother talking about safety pins and boiling terry towelling in pans! Modern cloth nappies are so far removed from this outdated notion. They fit to a baby much like a disposable nappy and simply go in a bucket or bag until laundry day - usually every 2-3 days when cloth nappies using full-time.

Roam Pocket Nappies

Roam reusable nappies are a type of modern cloth nappy called pocket nappies, they are one-size and will fit most babies from around 8-10lbs / 4kg. Roam pocket nappies have three settings to the front, which can be snapped up or down depending on each individual baby. These are often called 'rise' settings. The pocket of the nappy is where the absorbent inserts go.

Roam pocket nappies are lined with a moisture-wicking fleece that serves to keep baby feeling dry and also helps with solids (poo) clean-up, as the solids tend to just roll off into the toilet for easy disposal. Other features of our pocket nappy include; wide and comfortable elastics, an internal gusset which ensures a close fit and prevents the nappy leaking and outers/covers (PUL) made from REPREVE® recycled polyester.

Each Roam pocket nappy comes with two bamboo terry inserts which are REALLY absorbent (we know - we tested on our 2.5 year old and it lasted 5 hours and the lining of the nappy still felt dry against his skin!). This means our pocket nappies have everything you need to get started, all you need is one.

A roam reusable pocket nappy is laid open in a woven change basket.

How Many Cloth Nappies Do I Need for Full-Time Use?

As a rough estimate, for full-time use you will need around 15-30 reusable nappies. This allows you to have nappies clean and dry when it's wash day. This amount really does vary depending on the age of your baby. As a baby gets older, there will be less frequent nappy changes. However, you don’t need to rush out and buy 20 nappies if you’re thinking about making the switch to reusable nappies — starting with one or two is an excellent way to dip your toes in and you’d be saving hundreds of disposable nappies from landfill just by using one cloth nappy a day!

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